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Why this wiki?

This wiki consists mainly of answers to questions which we found hard to get an answer for. This knowlegde is gathered when solving issues for our customers and for our own needs. Thanks to our customers for giving us the opportunity
Other information we deem useful is also incorporated. Sometimes information is not complete. We wish that what is there helps you solve your problem
The parts concerning Privacy and Reviews can also address more social related topics


Our aim with this wiki is to save our visitors a lot of work by providing those hard to find answers for them
The text can be compact. This is done to avoid a lot of text which does not help in solving an issue
This wiki also gives our (potential) customers the opportunity to solve issues themselves. If you want us to get involved feel free to contact us. See Webevaluation for the contact information (Dutch)


There is no option for direct comments. Instead we ask you to e-mail us
Leave the subject of e-mail to us as it is, without the exact subject your e-mail will
be regarded as spam and thereby discarded. So we do not see it. Please put your own subject in the body. Thanks.
If we deem your information is useful for the article we will incorporate it in the article.
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userYour username or the name of the applicable user
pathThe path to a directory or file
hostThe hostname of the computer. You can retrieve the hostname of your computer by typing “hostname” at the command prompt
client_hostnameThe hostname of the client in a client server configuration
server_hostnameThe hostname of the server in a client server configuration
some_domainA domain like
bold textRecommended selection
$User terminal prompt
#Root terminal prompt

Main subjects on this wiki: Linux, Debian, HTML, Microcontrollers, Privacy

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