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Backup programs

These work in a terminal and are avialabe in the Debian repository
We did not evaluate them all

Bold: Preferred, positive experience
Underline: Under investigation
* : Might be interesting


backup2l< 1 MBCLISee backup2l and find. Written in bash
backup-manager< 1 MBCLICan create tarballs, incremental tarballs, mysql dumps all with the tar.gz extension
backintime *4 MBCLISimple backup tool for Linux. Snapshots and backups of specified folders. Backintime is based on rsync. It uses hard links to minimize the space used for files which have not changed. Has also a QT5 GUI. Written in Python
backupninja< 1 MBTUIExtensible meta-backup system. Can backup databases. Can use rdiff-tool, rdup and others. The sys option needs the pacages debconf-utils and hwinfo
borgbackup4 MBCLIRemote (ssh) deduplicating and encrypting backup tool. The format of repositories is Borg-specific
burp< 1 MB Client-Server
duplicity8 MB Encrypted backup
rdiff-backup< 1 MBCLILocal/remote mirror and incremental backup. Warning: Do not write to the mirror directory except with rdiff-backup. Written in Python
rsbackup3 MB Uses hardlinks. Dependencies: rsync, SQLite, Boost, GCC
rsnapshot< 1 MBCLISnapshots. Local and remote. Uses hardlinks. Based on rsync snapshots. Written in Perl
rsync< 1 MBCLI
timeshift *< 1 MBGUISnapshots. System restore utility which takes (incremental) snapshots at regular intervals. Written in a compiled language (C?)
vbackup< 1 MBCLICollection of bash scripts. Can backup to a remote NFS partition
zbackup< 1 MBCLIVersatile deduplicating backup tool. Written in C++


amanda12 MB Client-Server
backintime59 MBQT5Simple backup tool for Linux. Snapshots and backups of specified folders. You do not need to install the QT5 GUI
backuppc37 MB Disk based
bacula62 MBGUIBackup over the network. Depends on the PostgresQL database
bareos14 MBGUIBackup over the network. Open fork of Bacula. Depends on the PostgresQL database
clonezilla17 MB Disk images
rclone27 MB Cloud backup
restic *23 MBCLI GUIGithub. Supports Local directory, sftp server (via SSH) and more. Written in Go
vBackup GUISimple, Effective, Backup and Recovery for Virtual Infrastructure. Free and Commercial


dup Mentioned by ninjabackup
duply Shell front end for duplicity
librsync NALibrary using the rsync remote-delta algorithm
makecd Mentioned by ninjabackup
ninjahelper A menu driven curses-based interface to walk you through backupninja configuration
rdup< 1 MB Generate a file list suitable for making backups
rdup-up Update a directory tree with a rdup archive
sys Mentioned by ninjabackup

Debian backup

What to backup

From a Debian system the most important folders to backup are:

  • /etc
  • /home
  • /root
  • /var/backups
  • /var/log
  • /var/mail
  • /var/spool
  • Other directories: If you make changes here create a cron or anacron job to copy those files to /var/backup/otherdirecories

How to backup


cd /tmp (make sure there will be enough space)

For /etc do

tar --bzip2 --create --file hostname.etc.tar /etc
tar --list --file hostname.etc.tar.bz2 | less (show the contents)

For /home do

tar --create --file hostname.home.tar /home
tar --delete --file hostname.home.tar home/user/.cache/ home/user/.thumbnails (per user)
bzip2 hostname.home.tar
mv hostname.home.tar hostname.home.tar.bz2

For /root do

tar --create --file hostname.root.tar /root
tar --delete --file hostname.root.tar root/.cache/ root/.thumbnails
bzip2 hostname.root.tar
mv hostname.root.tar hostname.root.tar.bz2

For /var do

tar --bzip2 --create --file hostname.var.tar.bz2 /var/backups /var/log /var/mail

With a program

T.b.d. See Useful programs or build a script yourself or combine the two


Copy the backup files to a save place


Backup from

 /etc /home /root /var/log/ /var/mail/ /var/spool



preferably on a second drive


The /etc/anacrontab entries. Every third day a backup is made. Every day new files are copied to the external harddiskdrive

3 3 Backup-manager /usr/sbin/backup-manager --verbose; echo "backup manager has ran"
18 1 3 Copy-to-External_HDD rsync --recursive --update --delete --progress --verbose /var/backup-manager/ /mnt/External_HDD/backup-manager/


SSH and rsync


  • Using termux to synchronise with remote machines
  • SSH and rsync for android termux
  • Set a cronjob on Termux
  • Use the Termux JobSchedulerAPI
  • P.S. For manual, incidental, backups you can also use Midnight Commander in Termux. Install: pkg install mc


See: Owncloud

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