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Bugs statement

This is our: Reporting possible bugs we experienced statement

If we write about a “bug” it can also be read as “software bug”, “issue”, “feature request” and alike
Bugs, in this context, are not constraint to software

If we encounter what we think is a bug we often will not give a follow up to it. We will not report the bug. In our experience it is often to much work. This work can consist of one or more of:

  • Reading and understanding the bug reporting procedure
  • Creating an account
  • Becoming a member of a mailing list which we probably only will use for just one bug
  • Filling bugreports
  • Giving our bug report a good follow up
  • If applicable communicate about the frustration of not being understood or whatever other reason we do not understand which leads to the bug not taken serious

All of that takes a lot of time, more often then not, too much time. Often we can live with the bug
In general we could have a day job in investigating and reporting bugs we encounter and giving them the appropriate follow up. We do not have that time

We understand that some means, procedure, of handling bugs is needed. On the other hand we often have the feeling that developers, maintainers, think that users live in the same world as they do. They don't but they can give valuable feedback

If we encounter an bug we can write about it on this website without reporting it. We will only report it if we feel a need for it and if the hassle of getting the bug reported is acceptable

If you encounter a bug report on this website and want to do something about the bug please feel free to contact us about it

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Bugs statement
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