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# Canon Printer Daemon for CUPS Configuration Data
	# CUPS configuration file path.
		# Default  /etc/cups/
		CUPS_ConfigPath   /etc/cups/
	# Log directory path.
		# LogDirectoryPath /var/log/CCPD/
# Printer entries.
#  Mapping each "Printer Name" to each "Printer Device Port".
#  The "Printer Name" has to be identical to the CUPS printer queue name.
#  For example, if you prepare a printer named "LBP3200" as a CUPS printer
#  queue name, and the printer is connected to the USB port "/dev/usb/lp0",
#  you can use the following three lines example just by removing the
#  comment symbol "#" of each line.
<Printer Canon_LBP3050>
	#DevicePath /dev/usb/lp0
	DevicePath /dev/lp0
	# Status monitoring socket port.
	Default 59787
	UI_Port  59787
	# Orgineel 181228: PDATA_Port  59687
	PDATA_Port  59687

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