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When -a or -u are used -i is ignored
Some command options

-a--archivesame as -dR --preserve=all
-d Same as --no-dereference --preserve=links
-f--forceIf an existing destination file cannot be opened, remove it and try again (this option is ignored when the -n option is also used)
-i--interactivePrompt before overwrite (overrides a previous -n option)
-n--no-clobberDo not overwrite an existing file (overrides a previous -i option)
-P--no-dereferenceNever follow symbolic links in SOURCE
-p Same as --preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps
--preserve[=ATTR_LIST]Preserve the specified attributes (default: mode,ownership,timestamps), if possible additional attributes: context, links, xattr, all
--parentsUse full source file name under DIRECTORY
-R, -r--recursiveCopy directories recursively
--remove-destinationRemove each existing destination file before attempting to open it (contrast with --force)
--strip-trailing-slashesRemove any trailing slashes from each SOURCE argument
-t--target-directory=DIRECTORYCopy all SOURCE arguments into DIRECTORY
-u--updateCopy only when the SOURCE file is newer than the destination file or when the destination file is missing
-v--verboseExplain what is being done
-x--one-file-systemStay on this file system
--helpDisplay the help and exit
--versionOutput version information and exit

standard command

Standaard copy options. Copy from current folder to . foldertocopyto/

cp --recursive --update --no-dereference --preserve=all --verbose . foldertocopyto/


cp -rPv --preserve=all . foldertocopyto/

Check with

diff -rs . foldertocopyto/

if needed

Copy (hidden) files and directories

Situation 1

mkdir --parents /tmp/somedirectory
cp --recursive /home/user/somedirectory /tmp/somedirectory

All the contents of /home/user/somedirectory is copied into /tmp/somedirectory

Situation 2

/tmp/otherdirectory does not exist and is not created before

cp --recursive /home/user/somedirectory /tmp/otherdirectory

/tmp/otherdirectory is created and the contents of /home/user/somedirectory is copied into /tmp/otherdirectory

Situation 3

/tmp/otherdirectory does exist

cp --recursive /home/user/somedirectory /tmp/otherdirectory

somedirectory is copied into /tmp/otherdirectory. The result: /tmp/otherdirectory/somedirectory inclusive all the files in /home/user/somedirectory

Preserve filedate

In order to preserve the file date when copying add the --preserve=timestamps option

cp --preserve=timestamps


is not a directory

cp file.1 file.2
cp: target 'file.2' is not a directory

Check your aliases. If a command has options --preserve=all and / or --no-dereference then this error may occur

No such file or directory

When trying to create a symlink from a client on a server. The server folder “folderonserver” is mounted on the client (via sshfs)

ln -sf /mnt/server/folderonserver/file.1.txt /mnt/folderonserver/file.txt
ln: failed to create symbolic link '/mnt/folderonserver/file.txt': No such file or directory

Create a symbolic link on the client

ln -sf /mnt/server/folderonserver/file.1.txt file.txt

Copy the symbolic link file to the server

cp file.txt /mnt/server/folderonserver/
cp: not writing through dangling symlink '/mnt/server/folderonserver/file.1.txt'

It is not possible to have a symbolic link on a server for use on a client where it refereneces a file on the server

preserving times not permitted

cp: preserving times for 'file': Operation not permitted 

The timestamp can not be preserved for a file the user does not own

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