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dma MTA

dma: DragonFly Mail Agent
DMA on Archwiki: if you want to send and receive mails with your domain name, then you will need a full-featured mail server

Local use

Become root

  • Make shure Locale is set up correctly
  • Install dma with aptitude
  • “System mail name” (FQDN): use the hostname of your PC. You can find it with the hostname command
  • Smarthost: localhost (or or ?) *

As normal user

  • Test with cron. Do crontab -e and add: minituNow+2 HourNOW * * * echo Testing if the dma MTA works**
  • Check the result with mutt
  • If all works well remove the cron job
  • Ready

Reconfiguring dma

dpkg-reconfigure dma


dma -bpList messages in the queue

External use

Send e-mail to an external smtp server

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