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Downloading Debian disk images

See also the Debian jigdo page

Using already downloaded images

jigdo-lite writes

If you already have a previous version of the CD you are
downloading, jigdo can re-use files on the old CD that are also
present in the new image, and you do not need to download them
again. Mount the old CD ROM and enter the path it is mounted under
(e.g. `/mnt/cdrom').

Here you can enter something like


jigdo CD's for i386

Download all Debian 7.11 CD's

mkdir cd-7.11; cd cd-7.11; for i in {1..67}; do wget$i.jigdo; done 
mkdir cd-7.11; cd cd-7.11; for i in {1..67}; do wget$i.template; done
for i in {1..67}; do jigdo-lite --noask debian-7.11.0-i386-CD-$i.jigdo; done

Current jigdo DVD's for amd64

First check in what the current verion number is

for i in {1..3}; do wget$i.jigdo; done
for i in {1..3}; do wget$i.template; done
for i in {1..3}; do jigdo-lite --noask debian-10.9.0-amd64-DVD-$i.jigdo; done

Other jigdo DVD's for amd64

Download the first 3 Debian 8.11.1 DVD's

mkdir dvd-8.11.1
cd dvd-8.11.1
for i in {1..3}; do wget$i.jigdo; done 
for i in {1..3}; do wget$i.template; done
for i in {1..3}; do jigdo-lite --noask debian-8.11.1-amd64-DVD-$i.jigdo; done

SHA512 sum check

Manually download the SHA512SUMS file(s)
When done you can calculate the SHA512SUM of the .iso files and compare them with the value in the SHA512SUMS file(s)
To use the program below first rename the SHA512SUMS file(s) to

SHA512SUMS.[iso filenename without "-#.iso"].txt

# is the sequence number of the disks. Examples

#! /bin/bash
for i in $(ls -1 *.iso); do
  echo "Checking file $i"
  sha512sumCalculated=$(sha512sum $i | cut --delimiter=' '  --fields=1)
  echo -e "The SHA512 sum of $i is:\n$sha512sumCalculated"
  echo -e "The SHA512 sum should be:\n$(grep .iso *.txt | tr -s ' ' | sort --key=2 --field-separator=' ' --unique | grep $i | cut --delimiter=: --fields=2 | cut --delimiter=' ' --fields=1)"
  if [[ $(echo $sha512sumCalculated | cut --delimiter=' ' --fields=1) == $(grep $i SHA512SUMS*.txt | cut --delimiter=: --fields=2 | cut --delimiter=' ' --fields=1 | sort --unique) ]]; then
    echo "SHA512 sum matches for $i"
    echo "ERROR: SHA512 sum differs for $i"
  echo -e "\n"


Internet speedtest

wget for i in {1..3}; do wget$i.jigdo; done

Entire website

Do not make backups of already downloaded files. Only update the existing files use --mirror. --mirror is equal to

--recursive --timestamping --level inf --no-remove-listing

somewebsite.tld example:

cd pathToWhereToDownloadTo
wget --mirror --backups=0 --tries=10 -o ./somewebsite.log --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --domains=somewebsite.tld somewebsite.tld


--convert-links: After the downloading convert the links in the document to make them suitable for local viewing
--domains somewebsite.tld: do not follow links outside somewebsite.tld
--html-extension: save files with the .html extension.
--level inf: Specify recursion maximum depth level depth. inf = infinite
--no-clobber: don't overwrite any existing files (used in case the download is interrupted and resumed).
--page-requisites: get all the elements that compose the page (like CSS and images)
--recursive: download the entire website
--timestamping: Turn on time-stamping

Other, maybe useful, options

--no-parent: do not follow links outside the directory somewebsite.tld
--no-remove-listing: Don't remove the temporary .listing files generated by FTP retrievals
--restrict-file-names=windows: modify filenames for use in Windows


wget;  grep --extended-regexp --only-matching \
"(http|https)://[a-zA-Z0-9./?=_%:-]*mp3" somename | uniq | xargs wget

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