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Firefox Add-ons


Privacy and security enhancing add-ons

Adblock plus
CertpatrolNot on Firefox Quantum Prevent fraudulent certificates and men in the middle. The database can be edited with the SQlite manager Add-on
Cookie AutoDelete
Cookies Manager
DecentralizeLocal emulation of Content Delivery Networks
Disable WebRTC
Flash Block (plus)
Google search link fix
HTTPS EverywhereIncludes SSL obervatory (turn on when asked for)
Open tab nex to current
Privacy Badger Operation change
Privacy Possum
Privacy Settings
Privacy SettingsFirefox Privacy and security
Smart RefererBlocks referers1)Warning: It has a whitelist which contains domains you might not want to send a referer to. This list can be turned off in the Preferences under “Whitelist Sources”
ublock OriginSee also Dynamic filtering: quick guide and from that page Expand/refactor dynamic filtering and Overview of uBlock's network filtering engine
umatrixFirewall, Privacywall
Version Icon

RequestPolicy Continued

Local requests

beconloopback.nlnot applicablenslookup shows
flashblockFlashblock / Privacy Badger
gre-resourcesWe have no addons or plugins found that generate this. It has probably something to do with changes made in about;config
null?All add-ons disabled except for RequestPolicy Continued
pluginproblemPrivacy Badger
4digithash-14digithash-at-jetpack resource://4digithash-14digithash-at-jetpack/data/skin/socialwidgets.cssPrivacy Badgerhashes consist of numbers and lowercase digits. This could come from the Jetpack Wordpress plugin. Turning of Social widget replacement enabled in the Privacy Badger settings removes the Entry

Downloading and tabs

OnetabShow all tabs on one pagePrivacy issues. Icons are downloaded from Google
Save Page WESave a page in one file


Auto reload tab
Switch to previous activetab
Auto tab discard
Awesome RSS
Dark background light text
Empty cache button
Font contrast fix
Form history control (II)
MetaGer search
Nuke anything
Open tabs next to current
Save Page WE
Single File Smaller files then Save Page WE
Super Dark Mode
Tab Mix Plus
Tree Style Tab There is no keyboard shortcut
User Agent Switcher
Bookmark search plus 2Search replacement. Also shows the bookmark the bookmark is in

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