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Firefox issues

Main processes

As seen in top

  • GeckoMain
  • Isolated Web Co
  • Privileged Cont
  • Web Content
  • WebExtensions

Firefox will not start

Error message:

Firefox cannot use the profile "default" because it is in use
To continue, close the running instance of Firefox or choose a different profile.

Possible reasons:

  • the files have user root and group root, aka the user was not the owner
  • lock, parentlock and .parentlock files can be present. Remove them and start firefox agrain.

Firefox will not update

This might be a solution:

  • Close Firefox
  • Login in a terminal as rootr
  • Start Firefox by entering firefox and pressing Enter
    • If you get GConf-WARNING warnings, dbus-launch firefox can be used to avoid them
  • Update Firefox
  • Restart Firefox
  • Close Firefox
  • Start Firefox as a normal user


Hight CPU load

Have a look at the Remote Data Decoder (RDD)


If a libavcodec is vulnerable or not supported message appears you can still use it if you set in about:config


to true. This can be a security risk. More on libavcodec may be vulnerable message in Firefox

Youtube sound level is too low

The solution: In about:config search for and change the default to the new value

  • media.default_volume default: 1.0 new: 100 or according to your needs
  • media.volume_scale default: 1.0 new: 1.0

Use trial an error by changing the media.default_volume value until you get the desired level
Leave media.volume_scale at its default otherwise unmuting does not work until your (re)wind the Youtube video a bit

Pulseaudio high CPU load

Firefox can make the pavucontrol and pulsaudio programs have a high CPU load
Solution: t.b.d. (maybe, if feasable, close all tabs which have played audio or have a page open which could play audio)

/etc/pulse/daemon.conf tweaks

Date and time format

The time format is in 12 hour (AM / PM) format in stead of 24 hour format
This can be solved by setting the


to true in about:config


This program sends telemetry data to Firefox

System lockup

Firefox can lockup the computer to the point a hard reset is needed.
On other occasions the mouse locks up. Possible solution: In a terminal do CTRL-ALT-F1 followed by CTRL-ALT-F7

No tabs until restart

It is not possible to use new or existing tabs, except for pinned tabs. This message appears:

Restart to Keep Using Firefox

An update to Firefox started in the background. You’ll need to restart to finish the update.

Your windows and tabs will be quickly restored, but private ones will not.

                                                                   Restart Firefox button

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