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General privacy considerations

Why Privacy

  • To be able to be left alone if you want to or need to
  • To be able to feel free and save. For instance in public space and at home
  • To prevent identity theft
  • To prevent tracking and thereby preventing for instance the risk of being blackmailed
  • To prevent profiling an thereby the risk of being manipulated

Privacy statements

  • A privacy statement is often a document which describes how you privacy will be violated. We found them often inconsistent
  • Try to discover inconsistencies and omissions which can violate your privacy
  • Although mentioned in the privacy statement that your privacy is protected we found a lot of companies who do not live up to that promise in their privacy statement Even after confronting them with our findings nothing changed


  • E-mail is not considered a save way so send sensitive personal data. On every computer, router or other device on the Internet it passes along it can be read
  • When you send your address by e-mail you tell two e-mail providers which IP address belongs to which address


  • A lot of telephony conversations go via VoIP, so it goes over the Internet. Since speech recognition is getting better a telephone call can be transcribed on the fly, if not today, it will be in the near future. So for a telephone call the same is valid as for e-mail. It is not suitable to transfer sensitive personal data


Before signing up to a website

  • Check what information is been asked
  • Call or e-mail the owner of the website and ask how the signup procedure evolves
  • Ask what will be send by e-mail
  • If there are privacy concerns
  • File a complaint with the owner of the website about the abuse to your privacy they are making
  • Consider not to sign up with the website, not to do business

Requirements for a privacy friendly website

  • Do not use the services of third party websites which track and / or profile your customers
  • Use as little as possible third party websites
  • Do not transfer the responsibility for the privacy of your customers to third party websites you use

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