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Hex editing

ascii table

To show an ascii table in hex on the cli do ascii -h
The complete table of ASCII characters
UTF-8 table

Conversion table

Conversion betweein ascii, hex, octal and binary
the w3resource Conversion Tools

Command output in hex


echo Hello | xxd -i

Hex editors and viewers

Hex editors / viewers we like:

asciiInteractive ascii name and synonym chart
ascii2binarybinary, hex and ascii converter
beavBinary editor and viewer
bindechexasciibinary, decimal, hex and ascii converter
blessA full featured hexadecimal editor
bvibinary file editor based on the vi
dhexncurses based hex editor with diff mode
hexerVi like interfacing. Can not search in the hexcode
hexcurse (1.55-2)ncurses based, CTRL+q or :q to exit. A bit primitive. No character instertion, no search and replace
hteht (Package name). hte (Program name). Our favorite
lfhexCan handle large files. Viewing and editing files in hex, octal, binary or ascii
ncurses-hexeditInvoke with hexeditor
tweakCan handle extremely large files
uni2asciiConvert UTF-8 Unicode to various 7-bit ASCII representations
wxHexEditorGraphical userinterface. Version 0.22 Beta is incorporated in Debian Wheezy
xxdComes with vim


Remove x0d characters

Open a file

hexer hexfileToEdit.txt

search for hex 0D and replace it with nothing, thus removing it. Ask for confirmation. When satisfied the option always can be selected. Thereby removing all 0D's for the remainder of the document

:s /\x0d//c

Save the file with


Close hexer with


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