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Install composer

composer is a Dependency Manager for PHP

This installation is performed on Debian 10.10 Buster

Via aptitude

  • In aptitude do
    • /^composer
    • +
    • /^php-curl
    • +, g
    • If you do not need git, scroll down to git and do -. This will also unselect git-man and liberror-perl
    • g

This installs (without git):

Will install 16 packages, and remove 0 packages.
5142 kB of disk space will be used
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] jsonlint:amd64 1.7.1-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-composer-ca-bundle:amd64 1.1.4-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-composer-semver:amd64 1.4.2-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-composer-spdx-licenses:amd64 1.5.0-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-composer-xdebug-handler:amd64 1.3.2-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-json-schema:amd64 5.2.8-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-mbstring:amd64 2:7.3+69
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-psr-log:amd64 1.1.0-1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-symfony-console:amd64 3.4.22+dfsg-2+deb10u1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-symfony-debug:amd64 3.4.22+dfsg-2+deb10u1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-symfony-filesystem:amd64 3.4.22+dfsg-2+deb10u1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-symfony-finder:amd64 3.4.22+dfsg-2+deb10u1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php-symfony-process:amd64 3.4.22+dfsg-2+deb10u1
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] php7.3-mbstring:amd64 7.3.29-1~deb10u1
[INSTALL] php-curl:amd64 2:7.3+69
[INSTALL] composer:amd64 1.8.4-1+deb10u1

Upgrade to version 2

If aptitude installs version 1 it might be needed to upgrade composer to version 2. You can check with

composer --version
Composer 1.8.4 2019-02-11 10:52:10

Copy the script from the composer How do I install Composer programmatically page and save it to /home/user/ We made a slightly improved version:

  • Changed from sh to bash code
  • Added a path check for /usr/bin, for PHP
  • Added a check (--check) statement
  • Removed --quiet (now you get some feedback)
  • Commented out rm composer-setup.php (so you can run composer-setup.php again if needed (for a new version of composer run again))
  • Added some extra output

echo 'Checking if /usr/bin is in $PATH'
echo $PATH | grep '/usr/bin' &> /dev/null
if [[ $exitcode -ne 0 ]]; then
  echo 'ERROR: Check the PATH. /usr/bin should be incorporated'
  echo "The path is: $PATH"
  exit 1
echo -e '\nGetting composer-setup.php'
if [[ -f composer-setup.php ]]; then
  rm composer-setup.php
EXPECTED_CHECKSUM="$(php -r 'copy("", "php://stdout");')"
php -r "copy('', 'composer-setup.php');"
echo 'Calculate ACTUAL_CHECKSUM'
ACTUAL_CHECKSUM="$(php -r "echo hash_file('sha384', 'composer-setup.php');")"
echo 'Checking checksums'
  >&2 echo 'ERROR: Invalid installer checksum'
  rm composer-setup.php
  exit 1
echo 'Checking and running composer-setup.php'
if [[ -f composer-setup.php ]]; then
  grep '#! /usr/bin/php' composer-setup.php  2>&1 /dev/null
  if [[ $exitcode -ne 0 ]]; then
    # Add "#! /usr/bin/php" on the first line of composer-setup.php
    sed -i '1 i\#! /usr/bin/php' composer-setup.php
  chmod 740 composer-setup.php # Make sure the script is executable
  php composer-setup.php --check; # Preform a check
  echo -e '\nRunning composer-setup'
  php composer-setup.php;
  #php composer-setup.php --quiet
  #rm composer-setup.php
  echo Showing the value of RESULT. It should be zero.
  echo The exit status of is: $RESULT.
  exit $RESULT
  echo 'Error: composer-setup.php not found'

Do as user


The output should look like (the withe text are our added comments):

All settings correct for using Composer
All settings correct for using Composer

Composer (version 2.1.6) successfully installed to: /home/user/composer.phar
Use it: php composer.phar
./composer-setup.php --check;

The output should look like: “All settings correct for using Composer

As root do:

  • mkdir /usr/local/bin/composer
  • cp /home/user/composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

Command examples

To see the help page


To self diagnose

/usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar diagnose

To use composer to install software run

/usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar require whateverisneededhere


/usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar require box/spout

Update composer

/usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar self-update

Update the packages

/usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar update


json extension missing

Some settings on your machine make Composer unable to work properly.
Make sure that you fix the issues listed below and run this script again:

The json extension is missing.
Install it or recompile php without --disable-json

Solution: run: phpenmod json

unexpected '--' (T_DEC)

When running this command in it php -r “composer-setup.php --check;” causes

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '--' (T_DEC) in Command line code on line 1


  • make sure the first line of composer-setup.php is: #! /usr/bin/php
  • run
    • ./composer-setup.php --help (read the help)
    • ./composer-setup.php --check
    • ./composer-setup.php --2

cURL version: missing

When running /usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar diagnose this error can occur

cURL version: missing, using php streams fallback, which reduces performance

Solution: run aptitude install php-curl

Deprecating composer 1 support
Get composer
Publick keys and checksums
Command line options

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