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Arduino libraries

For I2C libraries see our I2C page

Library locations

Possible locations of libraries are

Location				Version
/usr/share/arduino/libraries		1.01
/opt/arduino-1.0.6/libraries		1.06
/home/user/sketchbook/libraries		User libraries

If you make a library say someLibrary.h the path to it should be /home/user/sketchbook/libraries/someLibrary/someLibrary.h

installation of Arduino libraries

Download the library to /home/user/temp
Unpack the library in /home/user/temp
Copy, as root, the directory with the extracted Library to /usr/share/arduino/libraries/

cp -r /home/user/temp/LiquidCrystal_I2C2004V1 /usr/share/arduino/libraries/

Restart the Arduino IDE.

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