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Netguard is a firewall app for Android. More information can be found on the xda-developers forum and on Github

Warning: We find using Netguard very confusing. It might be possible that what we concluded and have written down on this page is not true. So always interpret and evaluate if what you think it is is what you want to accomplish. In general that is a good idea :-)

After installing Neguard goto: Settings > Network & internet > Advanced > VPN > Tap on the icon and

  • Turn Always-on VPN: On
  • Turn Block connections wihtout VPN: On

Warning: Turn > Settings > Advanced options > Manage system apps > On. Otherwise system apps will not get filtered an this can lead to data leakage to the Internet. This brings up a lot of extra items in Netguard. But it is the price of being save :-). You can disable the view of the apps without Internet connectivity by tapping on and deselecting “Show apps without internet”

Warning: Netguard only filters outgoing traffic. Probably all incoming traffic will not get filtered. Your Android / LineageOS device might be open to the Internet. You can check which ports are open with nmap -sS Ipnumberofyourphone

It is strongly advised to read the FAQ on Github. Most important items:

1Warning: Disable Wi-Fi and mobile data before rebooting, and only enable Wi-Fi and mobile data after the device has fully rebooted, the firewall service has started, Netguard has started and the key icon is visible in the status bar

The default color scheme is teal / orange. If we mention colors here they are from the teal / orange theme

The main screen

Lockdown mode

Blocks all traffic unless allowed by the user. Can be toggled with the slider: and has to be set in the first item in the menu. In lockdown mode all traffic for all applications will be blocked, except for allowed traffic for applications with the condition 'Allow in lockdown mode' enabled. They will pass through

Internet connectivity of apps

Highlighted text means this app has the possibility to connect to the Internet
Non highlighted text means that the app does not have Internet connectivity

User installed apps and system apps

Text can be highlighted or not

OS user appsOrangePreinstalled apps ment for usage by the user
System appsOrangeApps needed to make the device work. No usage nor interaction of the user is needed and often not even possible
User installed appsWhite or GreyApps installed by the user

All apps which come with the OS are system apps. System apps and OS user apps alike are shown as system apps. On LineageOS 18 (Android 11) the Browser and Contacts apps, among other OS user apps are shown as system apps

Access attempts section

Lockdown traffic is on

Orange textBlocked: By Netguard
Teal textAlllowed: Traffic initiated by the app itself. No . Allowed: After permission by the user. The entry gets a
White textThere has been no Internet access since the connection attempt is detected.
First two digitsDay of the month
nn:nnThe time
EmptyThis URL is blocked we presume
CheckmarkThis URL is allowed
This URL is blocked (by the user)
TThe TCP protocol is used
UThe UDP protocol is used

Followed by the domainname/portnumber

Per app settings

Apply rules and conditionsWhen off the app has unrestricted Internet access. When on all rules are applied
Allow Wi-Fi when screen is onIf the screen is off all traffic via Wi-Fi for this app is blocked
Allow mobile when screen is onIf the screen is off all trafic via mobile Internet (3G, 4G …) for this app is blocked
Block when roamingFor now we presume this means Netguard blocks the Internet traffic after switching from Wi-Fi to Mobile Internet or an other Wi-Fi network and alike
Allow in lockdown mode

Tapping on a log entry in the app's “Access attempts” section opens a menu
Issue: On the first line, greyed out, the protocol, IP address and port number are shown followed by a ► . Tapping on the ► does not give a reaction. Has it a function?

Traffic log

Read FAQ item 27
Turn it on: On the main screen tap on > Show log
If you again tap on you can modify the log settings


Check DNS daemon for DNS connections


Tethering does not work

When sending e-mails or webforms does not work do; Settings > Network options > Turn on “Handle metered Wi-Fi networks. This does not solve the whole issue. On one occasion it only worked after turning Netguard briefly on and off (not a good practice!)

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