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Install PHP without Apache
PHP docs
O'Reilly PHP cookbook (First Edition, published November 2002)
Debugging PHP
Build in functions
Comparison Operators like !=
Composer, A Dependency Manager for PHP, on Wikipedia. Installation
W3schools tutorial
Wikibooks tutorial
Some more Tutorials and Scripts
XDebug is a PHP extension which provides debugging and profiling capabilities, Wikipedia
Read and write ods files

Run from the command line

--run, -r: Run PHP code without using script tags '<?..?>'
php -r 'echo "Hello\n";'

More examples

Run a PHP script

--file, -f: Parse and execute file
php -f script.php;

This does not work, presumed --version is a valid option:

php -f script.php --version;


Error in argument 3, char 2: no argument for option -

Run from a script

#! /usr/bin/php
// An (empty) line here results in an (empty) line in the output.
// An (empty) line here does not result in an (empty) line in the output.
echo "Hello\n";

Sample PHP web page

echo "Some teskt";
echo "<br>";
echo "Some more tekst";

Cannnot redeclare

PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare a_function() (previously declared in /home/domain/public_html/somefile.php:51) in /home/domains/public_html/somefile.php on line 60
A solution: the file somefile.php is placed in two folders of which one should not contain somefile.php

New line

This works in an offline php script

  echo "Hello\n\n\n\n`";

This does not work in an online php enabled webpage

  echo "Some teskt\nSome more tekst";
  echo "Some teskt\r\nSome more tekst";

We did not get the \n nor the \r\n newline to work in an online script. This works

  echo "Some teskt";
<br />
  echo "Some more tekst";

You can also use an inline php echo command to get a newline like in

  echo "Some teskt";
  echo "<br>";
  echo "Some more tekst";

This also works. Make sure the \n has a space before and after it like in the following example

  echo nl2br ("Some teskt \n Some more tekst");

In a Linux terminal running bash

php -r 'echo "Hello" . "\n";
php -r 'echo "Hello\n";'

Special operators

See Tokens on

  • :: T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM Scope resolution operator . Also called Paamayim Nekudotayim (Hebrew for double colon)
  • -> T_OBJECT_OPERATOR (sometimes called: Member of object)



/usr/bin/php -r '$tel = 0; $tel++; echo "tel: $tel";'

Colored text

echo "\033[01;31mText in red\033[0m";


php -r 'for ($letters = "T"; $letters != "AE"; $letters++) { echo "$letters ";};'


<code php>printf “Percentage sign °”


Debugging PHP

  • When an error occurs it is possible that no output shows up, you get a blank screen. Not even the output of the echo commands which you inserted for debugging is shown
  • When you run the program and nothing happens start commenting out blocks of code from the end upwards until you get something that runs. Work from there downwards
  • Insert code that gives output of variables to get a better idea what is going on. Example: echo nl2br (“\n In file fof_db.php function fof_db_query 1\n”); . The 1 before the \n represents an index number
  • See for help. Warning: The Description of a command on can be confusing / misleading in our experience. What seems obvious is not always obvious
  • Install php-xdebug
  • Run php -l filename.php



Issue: “Call to undefined function json_decode()
Do: service php7.3-fpm restart

Issue: “Failed to restart php7.3-fpm.service: Unit php7.3-fpm.service not found.” Solution: T.b.d.


Timezone database is corrupt

PHP Fatal error:  date(): Timezone database is corrupt - this should *never* happen!

Solution: Check the timezone file in /usr/share/zoneinfo. The permissions should be 644. In our case the UTC file was, for some to us unknown reason, 640

Unexpected end of file

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting '`' in /home/user/php/hello.php on line 11

Solution: remove the “`” (back tick) somewhere in the program

Call to undefined function

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function


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