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Redirection and substitution

In bash
From the Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide:


ls -l > ls-l.txtMove the output of ls -l to the file ls-l.txt
ls -l 1> ls-l.txtMove the output of ls -l to the file ls-l.txt
ls -l » ls-l.txtAppend the output of ls -l to the file ls-l.txt
ls -l 2> /dev/nullDo not display the error messages
grep da * > file.txt 2>&1Move the output of grep da * to file.txt and the error output too
ls -1 > /dev/null 2>&1Move the output and the error output of ls -1 to /dev/null (destroy all the output data and forget about it)
ls -1 &> /dev/nullIs shorthand for the previous command
ls -1 |& grep sometextSends standard output and error output to the next command's standard input
read string < <(some piped command with quotes)Process Substitution1)

File descriptors

Adding a & in front makes a number a file descriptor, like in &1



/dev/null returns an end-of-line character. It can be shown by executing the command echo “`cat /dev/null`” in a bash shell

All about redirection
I/O Redirection
Bash-redirections cheat sheet
In the shell what does 2>&1 mean?

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