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Replacement of motherboard capacitors


  • 60 to 100 W solder iron
  • Wire cutter
  • Solder
  • Spare capacitors


  • Dismount the motherboard from the case and remove all removable items form it except for the CPU
  • Locate the bulged capacitors on the front and backside off the motherboard
  • Make a drawing and or photo of there position and orientation. Take good notice of the polarity. Make sure you know which hole is plus and which hole is minus
  • Removing a capacitor
    • Apply some solder to the solder holes of the first capacitor you are going to remove
    • Heat up one point and in the mean time gently apply some pressure to the capacitor in the direction which will drag the wire of the capacitor through the hole.
    • When the wire has moved a bit and the capacitor can not move any further heat up the other wire and repeat the process
    • Repeat this until the capacitor is removed from the board.
  • Repeat this for all capacitors to be removed
  • Placing a capacitor
    • Apply some solder, on the solderside of the motherboard, to the solderpoints of the first capacitor you are going to place
    • Trim the wires of the capacitor so the minus wire, when the capacitor is placed, will extend through the hole for about three millimeters. The same for the plus wire for 6 millimeters
    • Position the capacitor on the board
    • Apply heat on the solder side to the plus solder hole and wait until the wire of the capacitor touches the tip of the solder iron.
    • Move the solder iron from the hole
    • Let the plus wire go further trough the hole until the minus wire touches the motherboard
    • Apply heat to the minus solder hole
    • Gently put pressure on the minus wire
    • When the wire goes into the hole let it go through until the capacitor can not bent any further.
    • Repeat for the plus wire
    • Repeat until the capacitor sits on the board
  • Repeat for the other capacitors
  • Clean up the solder side
  • Check for any broken tracks or other issues. If applicable and possible fix them
  • Ready

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