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Replacing a CPU cooler

  • Make sure the new cooler also cools the power transistors next to the CPU
  • Install the latest BIOS update, you might need it
  • Remove the old cooler
  • Clean the CPU with (a lot of) cotton swaps of all of the old cooling paste. Be patient, you will succeed most of the time
    • Cut off the used part before using the other end to avoid getting in contact with the, poisonous thermal paste
  • Clean the CPU with a alcohol dredged cotton swap to remove last of the old cooling paste
  • If the old cooler is going to be reused remove the cooling paste in the same way the cooling paste is removed from the CPU
  • Apply the new cooling paste to the CPU. The amount to use is about the size of a pie. Place it in the middle of the CPU
  • Mount the (new) cooling fan. Place it in a vertical movement. Do not move it horizontally on the CPU
  • Attach the cooling fan mounting clips
  • Start the PC and check the CPU temperature in idle mode. It should not be in excess of 50 °C
    • Be aware that some AMD CPU's have a temperature offset of 20 °C or even 27 °C. So if your computer tells you the CPU is 30 °C in reality it is 50 °C or more

Thermal paste comparison on Youtube

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