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Server side applications

Items marked with a ♣ you have to host yourself
Items marked with a ▬ are not advised for use
Items marked with a + Are liked by us
Items marked with a R Are responsive “R” or not “N” or not determined “ “
Size is in mega bytes

E-mailisotope-mail-client Javascript based
E-mailPrivmx Does not work in mobile webbrowsers
E-mailRainloop The website does not load
E-mailRoundcube Y
E-mailWebMail Lite PHP Open-source webmail script for your existing IMAP server
GalleryCoppermine N After uploading via FTP the installation was slow and did not succeed
GalleryGalleria N1Open source, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework
GalleryKoken Site does not load on an Android phone with Firefox or Opera touch
GalleryPicapport Has .deb and .jar files
GalleryPiwigo R We could not find a way to upload photo's from an Android smartphone using Firefox nor from a desktop computer. We learned it can be done via an Administration Panel but it is nowhere to be found. The documentation is very cumbersome and uses Google for search which is a privacy issue. There is an Android app. The app hinders the use of the onscreen Android navigation buttons so we are not able to leave the app without a lot of hassle. We almost had to reboot the telephone. Nowhere could we find a way to upload photo's. The app tries to connect to Google servers, that is a privacy issue. Error messages are shown only for a brief, much to short, time. Uninstalled it
Galleryphotong N Writen in nodejs, koa2, react, redux
GalleryTinyWebGallery Works! Upload only one file at a time. No Android app. Default puts a TinyWebGallery watermark on your photo's when uploaded. Turning this of does not work in the webinterface so it has to be done in the my-config.php file. It should be possible to keep the photo's private with a private file but we did not get it to work
GalleryZenphotoCMS N Works! Single file selection. Multiple file upload. No Android app
FilesAurora-files N74Upload the files via FTP to Goto . When the loginscreen is presented enter “superadmin” for the user and leave the password field empty. Inlog username needs to be an e-mailaddress, or better, a word containing an ”@” or just an “@” will do. Set a password under “DB auth”. No login fields on Windows Mobile
Filesdroppy Seems to need root access
FilesFilerun +R36Stalls on the creation of the MySQL database. After manual creation of the database it worked fine. Uploading files via “+ NEW” does not work, nor in Firefox, nor in Chromium. Solution: In the root of the filerun install create the directory uploads. with 755 permissions. Login as superuser, create a user, create a role, give the user that role, edit the role, set under permissions the Path template to uploads. Save the settings. Now you should be able to upload files. Upload not work in a Nokia 520 Windows Mobile phone. The upload icon is greyed out. Installation on a local server: Needs ionCube loaders. To download them there opens a popupbox. This popup box has no contents…. After a few clicks and closes of the popup box there is contents in the popupbox. Strange
FilesGateQuest The website seems to be abandoned: “Down for maintenance.. brb”
FilesLetoDMS 20No documentation. When running on PHP version: 7.3.18 we got 3 “Deprecated: Non-static method UI_Default …” errors. Also "Pear package : Log : Not found => Install Pear package 'Log'" errors. We have no possibility to install it. Uninstalled it
FilesNextCloud 350
FilesOpenDocMan We encountered “403 Access Forbidden by CSRFProtector!” after login
FilesOwnCloud +R180Works. Installation
FilesPower file manager N Abandoned, not on Github anymore. Last working PHP version: 5.6
FilesProjectSend After login we encountered “{“status”:“error”,”message“:“The supplied credentials are not valid.”}” but they are. Privacy issues, needes Google items
FilesPydio 180Does not work on a smartphone in Firefox, not navigatable. Removed it
FilesRoundcube +R Responsive with the Elastic skin. Roundcube and e-mail attachments are a good way to get files from all kind of devices to a computer. On hosting with Direct Admin there seems to be an issue with filesize. From about 10 MB there can be connection problems
FilesSeedDMS 104We got “Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'vendor/autoload.php'” and similar errors. Uninstalled it
FilesTonido The downloadlink does not work
NewsFeedOnFeeds+ Abanonded. There is an updated fork somewhere. T.b.d.
Websitetxti Cloudbased, text only simple and fast websites
WebsitePico CMS
WikiDokuwiki +



We could not find an application to upload files (category Gallery or Files) which is also usable on a smartphone from a webbrowser and has a small footprint (we did not test the big footprint alternatives). Coppermine and ZenphotoCMS are the most usable

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